Bike Computer Consolidation II ?

A while back I posted an article about consolidating my bike computers into one unit, and at the time I choose a Polar CS100. But now, due to a problem with accessing their website, I can't login to my old account and I can't register a new account, (because the CS100 S/N is in use by my old account). I've tried emails to Polar, but so far no response and I hate to lose all the data I've entered. If I can't get access to the original account, I might have to think about a new cyclometer. I like my Garmin FR 305, but I'm not sure that I want to use it every time I ride. Any suggestions for a good alternative?

I may venture out tomorrow, it's supposed to be colder than it was today, but there should be some sun, with a chance of flurries. That makes it at least a 3 layer day, starting with the;

Feet - wool socks, shoes and shoe covers
Lower Half - Bike Shorts and CWX winter running tights (that's only two layers, but I should be ok)
Upper Torso - short sleeve base, long sleeve mid layer w/ hood and a jacket
Head - Hood, helmet and helmet cover.
Hands - Lobster Claw (Vulcan Salute) gloves

Its got to be better than riding inside on the CycleOps Trainer.

Safe riding all (no matter where you ride; inside or out)

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