Pactimo Brand Ambassadors and Misc.

Pactimo made their announcement, and sadly I didn't make the list. Oh well, maybe next year. They had ~1800 people register for just 25 positions. The full announcement and the list of ambassadors can be found at Pactimo Brand Ambassador Program. Pactimo did provide a consolation gift, of a non-transferable discount on a future order, which is a pretty good deal.

This coming week, on Mon, Feb, 24th,  I'll be the substitute/guest yoga teacher at Soleil Lune Yoga Center for the 7:15PM Yoga for Stiff Folks who Ride Spokes class (FYI this class is full, so no Drop-in slots are available).

Training continues indoors (as it's still cold and icy/snowy around here) for my summer list of rides in Wisconsin's Iowa County's Drift-less Area: Horribly Hilly Hundreds, Dairyland Dare and The Wright Stuff.


A few days left till Pactimo announces their Brand Ambassadors

Just a few days left until Pactimo announces the winners in the search for Brand Ambassadors and I'm hoping that I stand a good chance of getting one of the spots. Here's their requirements and my qualifications:

  • Active with a local club and group rides
  • Love sharing cycling experiences with other people.
    • I Manage the Spinners Website and Facebook page as well as my own blogs for cycling and yoga where I share info and experiences.
  • Active and knowledgeable on social media.
    • I have various Facebook, Google+, twitter and blog sites that I manage with posting and photographs about cycling.
  • Passionate about the Pactimo brand.
    • Some of my best gear (Dairyland Dare jersey in the photo below) is the Pactimo brand.
 Pactimo Dairyland Dare jersey
  • Knowledgeable and informed about cycling culture.
    • I've been riding and participating in cycling for most of my life and carry that passion into the organized events that I've attended and plan to attend this year.
  • Willing to spread the word about Pactimo, our products and who we are.
    • There will be plenty of opportunity for that here in this blog, my twitter acct, among club members and attendees of events that I'm participating in this year.


First of several organized rides

I'm really looking forward to this event, Horribly Hilly Hundreds on Jun 14, 2014. Some of the Spring City Spinners (who registered as a group) got selected after the lottery registration process. There will be an estimated 1300 total riders that day, with options to do 100K, 150K and 200K -with a range of ~6,000 to ~10,000 ft of climbing, depending on the distance you choose.

It's held in a region of Wisconsin called the Driftless area, which was untouched by glacial activity, so it retains a rugged beauty and some obviously Horrible Hills. This will be one of three events that I'm looking at doing this year, all in that general area. The other two are: Dairyland Dare and the other is The Wright Stuff.

Well, I better start looking at a training plan if I'm going to be ready for that kind of climbing that early in the season.

Safe riding all!