Why I Ride

The "Why I Ride" theme is from my recent entry for a Brand Ambassador position with Pactimo. Pactimo has a great line of cycling related clothing, and of all my cycling gear, the Pactimo items are my goto gear of choice.

The "Why I Ride" themed video, is a compilation of some clips from my favorite rides of the past year or so. It was hard to pick from hours and hours of video, when the entry video could only be 60 seconds, but these where my choices:

  • The 1st clip after the title is from this seasons Lapham Peak Fat Bike Race Series. This might have been the first one where we had some snow, right after Christmas. All of the races in this series were at night.
  • The 2nd clip is a from a ride to Holy Hill, that particular part was a bit of the decent, probably after having a piece of pie at the cafe after the climb to the top.
  • The 3rd clip is also at Lapham Peak, but this time during daylight hours and some of our bike club members rented Fat Bikes to try them out for a group ride.
  • The 4th clip is me rolling in to the start of one of our clubs (Spring City Spinners) summertime organized rides.
  • The 5th clip is short, so if you blink you might have missed the deer crossing in front of me on the trail. Early morning Fat Biking, with a little snow falling, is a great time to see deer on the trails.
  • The last clip is from the 2015 Santa Rampage event in Milwaukee, with every rider (and there were a couple of thousand all together) dressed as Santa (or - as in the video - some winter or holiday themed characters).
So, even thought I didn't supply any audio for the video, other than the background music, these clips represent "why I ride".  For the love of cycling, friendship, group rides, experiences, the downhills, and the climbs.

Here's the video entry, wish me luck, the winners will be announced on March 17th.



DIY fix for a broken lawn mower wheel

Recently while my son was mowing, one of the wheels came off of the mower. This mower is old enough that the part I needed was obsolete, but the rest of the mower was in good shape and the battery was almost brand new, having been replaced earlier in the year. So, to fix the wheel, I came up with a solution. You can read all about it on Instructables.

Black and Decker Cordless CM600 (12-15 year old)


Start of organized ride season for me

I completed the first of two rides that I plan to do this summer.  The first was the Horribly Hilly Hundreds 2015.  I did the "100K" route again this year.  The course was a little tougher, with ~7,000ft of climbing within ~72mile route (a little longer due to some detours because of road work).  I bettered my climb up Mounds Park Rd by almost 4 minutes over my last years time of ~20 minutes. Strava says it s Cat 3 climb from the very bottom all the way to the top at the Blue Mounds State Park parking lot.

Club Jersey with my HHH Bib number.

I still had the 11-32 cassette with a long cage derailleur installed on my Specialized Tarmac.  I also the arm coolers again (for UV protection).  The temperatures during the day were pretty good, maybe lo to mid 70s, but we did have rain and wet roads, and some light to moderate winds.  I also had a set of Carbon (Zipp brand) wheels (loaned to me from a friend) for the ride, which may have help contribute to my reduce time for the Mound Park Rd climb

The next ride on the schedule is the Wright Stuff in July (that ride was moved up this year from it's usual date in Sept.