VO2max results

I meant to post this sooner, here's the results of my VO2max testing plus a chart with my calculated training zones (below).

  • Maximum Heart Rate/VO2

    • Max HR 185 bpm

    • Max VO2 47 ml/min/kg.

  • 2 Minute Recovery

    • 153 bpm

  • Lactate Threshold

    • LT Heart Rate 164 bpm

    • LT VO2 34 ml/min/kg

    • LT:Max ratio 72%

I've been using these zones along with wattage data to try and make my training more effective over the the winter months. So far it seems to be working out, but the only way to tell for sure would be another test to see if I've actually managed to improve my threshold HR.

The spinning and yoga class is finished for January, but I've found it to be very beneficial. It always helps to have a coach for the spinning, intervals, ladders, etc and the yoga has helped my overall flexibility.

Weather permitting (wherever you are) Safe riding all.

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