Currently reading: The Last Days of Krypton

My latest read is "The Last Days of Krypton" by Kevin J. Anderson. So far I've found it to be very good. The level of technology in his vision of Krypton seems to be a little different than what I would have expected, but if it had been just the same old thing rehashed, it wouldn't be as good. It does deal with Brainiac, the theft or salvation of Kandor and with the "classic" Brainiac, being an outsider, and not a creation of Jor-el, as in some of the more recent generation of Superman comics. It also follows the exploits of Commissioner Zod and how he comes to be General Zod (along with the other characters in which he later shares the Phantom Zone from Superman: The Movie). I haven't quite finished it, but it's been hard to put down, so I'd recommend it, especially to any fans of Superman.

Back to biking on the next post, but the riding has been mostly inside the last few weeks due to the poor weather. Fog, bitter cold, Snow...but hey it's Wisconsin, guess I was spoiled the last few years with milder winters.

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