Year to date bike mileage at +4000 miles

This is an all time high for me, last year I did approximately 2000 miles, but this year I really blew that out. Part of it is that I'm getting more focused on a regular training schedule, so some of the miles are indoors, on the trainer. But I can only take so much of that, even with my recorded rides playing and the tunes cranking. The other part was that I got more involved with the bike club that I belong to (Spring City Spinners) and attended more Century rides this year than I ever had in the past. I rode at least 2 x 10o mile rides and 3 metric century rides this past summer. So all of that, plus weekly and weekend rides brought the grand total above 4000.

This week I fell a little behind my weekly average, due to my bike being in the shop, but it's back now and ready for the next month of RyJax (AKA Spinning & Yoga - it was called Spoga, but I think someone else registered that name).

I just joined an new affiliate program for a product called RoadID. I think the product is a great idea is and I have one on order. You can check them out yourself by clicking on the RoadID widget under my Profile on the right. A percentage of each RoadID you purchase is donated to charity (the website has an option to let you pick from several different choices).

Safe riding all (weather permitting)


JoeB said...

Hey, congratulations of the high mileage! I'm starting a project next year to force myself to get out on the bike every day - I'm calling it Year of the Bike, and if I meet my minimum mileage goals, it'll be a 1500 mile year for me for the first time. I hope to get up to a 4000 mile year someday.

Brian N. said...

great job!..I started riding my bike on June 01, 2007 when I got my speedometer and I was up to 3,450mi by June 01, 2008. It was a joy to ride, especially outside with music. Some of my favorite accomplishments were riding 60+ miles a day for 9 straight days and for reaching 1,251 miles in the month of January. My one day biking record is 100mi and today I just reached my 4000th mile.