In The Bike Lane (ITBL)

Who would of thought that four letters (ITBL) could mean so many different things, it's amazing what you can find with a simple google search.

Most are acronyms for things like; Information-Technology-Based Laboratories, Immuno Tech Beijing Limited, Inquiry Through Blended Learning and many more.

I'm using the initials "ITBL" for my blog in some of my widgets, like my "Amazon Recommendations" (products that I actually own and use), just to shorten the widget title. I also thought that I might register a domain with the initials? But that's not going to happen, another search show there's someone "squatting" on that domain and they want ~$4K for it.

Search engines in general and how useful they have become is a whole other topic, which made me think about the first search engine (or search based tools) that I could remember using;

I think the first that I dealt with, on a regular basis, was a software product in the early 90's by Sun Microsystems for their SunSolve library of bugs, patches, infodocs, etc. Later, on the web, there was Altavista (which now seems to be part of Yahoo) and now, of course, Google.

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