My top 10 Hot Wheels cars

Many a Saturday afternoon was spent setting up the trademark orange plastic track for Hot Wheels races. Here's a top ten list of cars from my collection.

#10 - Red Baron - based on the Tom Daniels design

#9 - Torero - Blue seems to be a common color for cars in
collection. This one has a sort of Corvette look to it
and it
was fast on the track and through the Super-Charger.

#8 & #7 - The Snake and the Mongoose. These were models
of a pair of Plymouth
dragsters that were popular at the time;
Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen

#6 - The Jack "Rabbit" Special. This and a few others were
based on the short lived Hot Wheels animated cartoon
show. The show was about the "Wheelers", a racing family
(what else) and the Special was the car of son Jack.

#5 - Custom Volkswagon - This lime green little bug could
fly down the track as well. These cars were mostly metal
with the plastic limited to the tires, interiors and windows.

#4 - Silhouette - I'm not sure where Blue fell in the
production runs, but here's another classic Hot Wheels,
and it was one of the first in my collection on Christmas
that year.

#3 - Custom Corvette - The story on this car is that Mattel
debuted this model before the actual "C3" Corvette hit
showroom floors.

#2 - Whip Creamer - This was probably one of the heaviest
Hot Wheels cars up to that time (1969). It could soar down
the orange track and hold it's own through the banked turns
of a Super-Charger powered loop.

#1 - Mustang Boss Hoss - In Chrome was a Hot Wheels
Redline Club car. I don't remember the details, but you
had to send away for it. No Internet or package tracking
in those days, just long walks to the Post Office to see if
there was a "package" slip in the mail post.

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Mike said...

Cool! We were just talking about setting up the Hot Wheels track at home tonight. Great collection.