Spinning and Yoga = RyJax

As a Changeup to my Winter exercise routine I signed up for a class called RyJax, at Transition, for the month of November. RyJax is a combination of bicycling (on CompuTrainers) for an hour and then an hour of yoga. I had the first class today and I would highly recommend it. It really lets you focus on your breathing and how it relates to improving your fitness with a "mind-body" connection.

For that first hour we practiced different pedaling technique as well as proper yoga breathing as well. We had a short 5-10 minute break in between to get the bikes moved out, change clothes and get the yoga mats in place. I've done some yoga on my own, but it's very different when there are other people around and a yogi to direct and correct the various positions.

I'm also using the results of my VO2max test to improve my training with the use of my HR monitor. For instance today during the cycling, we were trying to stay in Zone 2 (for me that's between 148 - 154 BPM). If it wasn't for the VO2max testing, I'd probably just be using a calculated HR based on age.

Last weekend was the last scheduled ride for our bicycle club. Sundays ride was fairly long (~52 miles) and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Some of it was familiar, following some of the same roads as the Pedal the Kettle ride and other parts were on some roads "less traveled" by our usual club rides, going as far south west as Mukwonago, WI.

Safe riding all

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