My next PDA?

I've had my Sony Clie TH-55 for about 3-1/2 years and it has served me well, but what will it's replacement be? I was considering the Apple iPod Touch, but there are some things that I can do on the Clie that can't be done (at least not yet) on the iPod Touch.

I use the Clie as my primary calendar entry device, so far the iPod Touch is read only and it will remain to be seen if I can sync it with our company calendar system. Also, I have a lot of applications and utilities, plus voice and movie recording capability, with the Clie. So how do the two devices compare? I found a forum with this very discussion at; http://www.1src.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133392

On the horizon (available for pre-order) there's also the Palm Centro, which would finally integrate my PDA and cellphone service. It looks interesting, and the price seems to be more reasonable than the iPhone.

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