Sci-Fi Friday II

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This single event will now set in motion more than a breeze of change in the course of history, for Tesla, it will be a virtual hurricane.

Summer 1895 (almost two years ahead of the previous timeline)

Nikola Tesla was as confident in his ability as he was in his equipment, he knew that if this demonstration was successful, he would be rich enough to pursue anything that interested him. Tesla took the podium of the outside stage in Madison Square Garden and announced, "The device that you see before you is being remotely controlled from this stage". With that he activated the switches in sequence to move, submerge and control the small boat in the water several yards in front of the stage.

This demonstration was only the beginning of several to occur in the next few months, which effectively showcased the priority of Telsa's radio patents. In his second demonstration he had transmitted signals (or intelligence, as he preferred to call it) for a distance of over 50 miles. The strength of the received signal was such, that Tesla was confident it would have been received at more than 5 times that distance. With this success, his financiers wanted the next demonstration to be a trans-Atlantic broadcast.

To be continued...

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