Because you ride...(from Bicycling magazine)

From the pages of assorted Bicycling Magazines from the past 6 years. It's fun to think about after a long ride.

  • 2.5 - the number of tubs of Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Vanilla frosting that could be eaten to replenish the 5,148 calories burned during a 107-mile ride with avg speed of 15-mph.
  • 10 - the number of homemade sugar cookies you'd have to eat to replenish the 680 calories burned during a 1-hour cyclocross race.
  • 11 - the number of Firecracker pops (385 calories) you can eat after riding 8 miles to your friends barbecue at 14 mph.
And in a slightly different format

Ride like this.............And burn enough calories to eat this
1 hr @ 10-mph..............2 Chocolate frosted Dunkin donuts (400 calories)
1 hr drafting @ 19-mph.....3 Taco Bell Supremes (810 calories)
3 hr @ 12-14-mph...........6 beef hot dogs on buns (1753 calories)
6 hr Mtn Bike race........31 homemade brownies (3472 calories)
An MS 150 @ 13-mph......1835 plain m&ms (6,275 calories)

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