Sci-Fi Friday

"The Outer Limits" is one of my earliest memorys of the Sci-Fi genre and I've dabbled now and then with a story idea or two. Here's a lead in to a short story that I'll publish in segments here in my blog each Friday.

Information Age 1.0
by Doug Curtis

Ask anyone about "www" and they can probably tell you that it has become a household term over the last 10 years. Small personal wireless devices have recently come into use during this time to provide all sorts of information to mankind all over the world, the year is 1912. To see what brought about this change in history, we must look back a bit further.

March 13th 1895 New York, NY

Nikola Tesla is tired, but sleep has alway been something he could do without when he needed to and tonight had been such an occassion. Tesla senses a slight breeze coming in through the fourth floor window of his laboratory. The last of his guests, Mark Twain, has just left to retire for the evening and Tesla was ready to do the same. As he closes the window he notices a hissing sound coming from one of his apparatus that is being used to derive liquid oxygen. Tesla summons one of his assistants and they repair the leak before leaving.
"This could have been a disaster" Tesla thought to himself.
On the eve of one of his most important demonstrations, the radio transmitter, a fire would have destroyed a lifetime of work.

To be continued

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