Weekend Club Ride

The weekend club ride is the "To Hell-enville and back (again)", with 70 and 80 mile options. Should be fun and the weather is supposed to be great.

I just completed some data analysis that was very interesting from the standpoint of perception verses reality. The customer wants to do an upgrade to solve a business issue (they think that they are seeing peaks of 80% system utilization) and they have some application upgrades planned over the course of the next year or two. So, we setup a cron job to gather baseline data over the course of several days. Here's one of the graphs from that data.

Hmm, looks like they are actually seeing peaks of 99% and periods of sustained utilization in the 80-90% range. There are other considerations as well, but I just thought it was interesting. Never a dull moment. Now I need to put together a presentation and make some recommendations.

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