Weekend Activities

The ride to Hell-enville, got cut short for me, but I did manage to get 35 miles in on Saturday and another 55 miles on Sunday. In between rides I had to restore files from a bad hard drive.

Actually it's now looking like it wasn't a bad drive. It looks like there may have been an infection on my wifes desktop system Windoze XP -- XP for eXasPerating. It took several tries to get a clean recovery started on a different drive and several passes of different file types to do the recovery of the data. I used a program by GetData called RecoverMyFiles. It seems to work very well. The drive appeared to have been partially formatted yet we recovered a significant number of jpeg files and documents.

My Picture of the Day. We're getting ready to travel to Illinois for several weekend events; my sister is getting married and then the following weekend for a family reunion on my wifes side. The last time we were there, it was the "tornado season", and it's no different this time. This picture was of a pretty ominous looking storm coming in from the northwest. The picture is a bit grainy (since it was actually pretty dark) and has been adjusted to show more detail.

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