Why - In the Bike Lane?

Ok I had a few emails asking why I call this blog "In the Bike Lane", since I don't seem to be a big evangelist of bicyclist rights. Well, I'm all for cyclists rights. There has been a few times when we get a honk or yell from people in cars to "Get of the road", but few people know or realize that the push for paved roads in the US were first led by Bicycle advocates. I will say that in the past couple of years it hasn't happened as much and that people do seems to be much more courteous (at least when the club rides as a group).

The business that I'm in makes it a little tough to ride my bike to work, but I get it done once
in awhile, if I know that I don't have customer meetings that day.

But again, that's not really the point of this blog. Sometimes life is like being in the Bike Lane; watch over you're shoulder, keep pedaling, heads up, stay in your own lane, pedal harder up the hills and coast down them, drink plenty of fluids and take a rest day once in a while.

The Tuesday ride went well, it was much cooler than the past few rides, but it's also getting dark a little earlier now, so it's either shorten the rides, start earlier or BYOBL (bring your own bike light). We'll probably do a little of each.

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