Riding and Driving

Over the weekend the kids were working so my wife and I took a little time to run some errands and made a trip to Elegant Farmer. We used to take the kids there in the Fall, when they were younger, for a hay rack ride to the pumpkin patch and then back to the Barn (shop and deli) for some cider or caramel apples. On this trip we settled for a half dozen of their specialty muffins with flavors like; banana split, strawberry cream, (and many more).

The Tuesday ride was great, we had about 20 members show up and at least 3 guests. I'll miss next Tuesdays ride (Our Junker-Clunker ride and cookout), we're taking our daughter back to college. It's a 5 hr drive, one-way, so we're splitting it up over a two day period.

Just how far back does my love of biking go? Sherman, set the the WayBac machine for Dec. 25th, 1960.

I think there could be a little sizing issue, but I'm sure I grew into it.
Now if I just had that pedal car, in it's mint condition.

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