Life Options and my mission statement

I took an interesting class a few months ago, it was called Life Options, it dealt with self discovery, dreams, and values. One of the things that I found was the my past jobs paralleled my love of cycling, so my mission statement was pretty simple;

Be the Ride Leader, by navigating, mapping or rerouting
around the obstacles in life, while helping others complete the journey.

As responsible ride leaders, we practice this all the time.

Posts have been a little scarce lately, I was on vacation in Disney World last week. I took some advise that I had read about doing things you don't ordinarily do and inversely, not doing things that you normally do, while on vacation. So, no computer and no driving while we were there, of course it helped that we stayed at a Disney resort. We took the buses, boats or monorail everywhere that we went. One of the more interesting things that we did was to take one of the unadvertised behind the scenes tours, specifically, "The Magic Behind the Steam Trains Tour", more on that in a later post.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July weekend

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