Heart Health the VO2 max test

I recently had a VO2 Max test done at a Transition Training Center. It used to be Transition Cycle, but they've expanded to include coaching and training as well the the bike business. I wanted to get an idea of how to make my training time more effective. I'm still waiting for the full report, but the post-test preview looked pretty good. I topped out at a HR of 185 BPM, which is, depending on the formula you use, about 10 BPM above the calculated MHR for a person my age (50). I'll post some more details when I get them. This seems to bear out the finding of another test / series of questions on Realage. My MHR comes in closer for my calculated Realage of 40. I'm looking forward to a great cycling weekend, the weather is supposed to be mild and our club has rides planned for Sat. and Sun.

Safe riding all.

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