3rd century this year

Well actually this was a metric century, so I've done the following; one(1) - 100 mile ride (BVBC Classic) and two(2) ~62 mile rides; one adhoc and the other was this passed weekend, the Cream City Cycle Club Ride. I started out intending to do the full 100 miles, but I felt a cold coming on (and today confirmed it), so myself and two other members of our club (pictured below) decided to do the 62 mile route. This route had one of the best downhills I've been on in Wisconsin. I topped out, speed wise, right at 44 MPH. But what goes down must climb out, and it was a good hard climb as well, luckily the rest stop wasn't far away.

Here's Gloria and Ron enjoying some cookies at the last rest stop in East Troy. Only 18 miles to go at this point. We finished at the Waterford High School and took advantage of the post ride meal. Spaghetti and meat balls always tastes great after a long ride. Now I just have to get over this head cold, and get in some more riding, summer's almost over.

Safe riding all!

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