New bike shoes and pedals

The new shoes and pedals are working out great. I waited till this past weekend to make the change-over, and the only problem that I had was breaking the old pedals loose to remove them. Once that was done installing the new pedals was easy.

The new shoes take a little getting used to, since I've previously been using MTB shoes, which had the cleat buried in the sole of the shoe. The road shoes with the LOOK cleat are very different. I'll probably have to invest in some "cleat guards/covers" to wear when walking around during a stop. I should also mention that I removed the original shoe inserts and replaced them with Superfeet insert, to give my feet more arch support.

The pedaling experience has been well worth the investment to switch over. I've noticed an improvement in my leg stability during pedaling. With the old pedals and shoes I occasionally would have some pronation of my left foot (due to a 'fallen Arch') leading to a little knee pain afterwards. But so far I've done a 2 hr endurance ride, 1.5 hrs of Fast Pedaling intervals and a recovery ride and my knees have felt great afterwards.

Now if all this snow would just melt and the temperatures would climb a bit, I could get outside to ride.

I'm still not sure why my blog was flagged, last week by blogger, as a possible Spam Blog? It's made me a little gun-shy of putting links in to the body of the blog, but I'm sure I'll get over it.

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