DST for Sony Clie's

There's been a lot of discussion around the IT industry lately regarding DST, because it starts 3 weeks early this year. There's almost as much concern over this as there was for Y2K, (well maybe not quite). But the question came up at our office: "Are there patches needed for our Sony Clie's?". The short answer is No. On the later model Clie's you manage DST through the preferences.

Preferences -> Date & Time
Then select "Daylight Savings:" Off or On

I have the Sony Clie TH-55, the last model that Sony produced before getting out of the PDA business, and even though it's PalmOS 5.2.1, it still manages DST as I just described.

There is a preferences add-on that I found called "aDSTKeeper" by a0soft, that handles the time change automatically, but it looks like it's no longer being maintained. The last update was V4.6 dated 7/23/2005, so it still has the old DST start and end dates.

UPDATE: Thanks to a posting on http://1src.com (thanks LanMan) we have the solution. The city database files that come with aDSTKeeper are out of date, but if you download "aClock" (from the same site) and load the two city database files from that program, you'll have the latest DST updates.
Filenames: wcCityDB.pdb, wcCntyDB.pdb

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