Personal Computer re-cycling

I've had several different Mac computers over the last 12 years, as mentioned in this previous posting. All of these computers have found new homes as a later version displaced them in our home. The LC40 thru the 6500 all went to our local grade school or high school, but the iMac took a different route. After I purchased the Mac mini the iMac found a new home with my mother in law, who has found it a very easy system to use for several reasons; less risk of malware, virus', etc, the grandkids have their own accounts and it takes up less space than her previous system (pc with monitor & tower). So hopefully there have been a few less computers in land fills due to this method of PC re-cycling. And just so you don't think I'm a total Mac fanboy, I recently reloaded our old Toshiba laptop with Ubuntu. I currently use this laptop as a terminal at work to access our lab system(s), but it has wireless network access and the typical Ubuntu tools, such that a visitor to the office can use it for email or web access.

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