My Computer timeline

My home computer history. I thought this was kind of interesting from the standpoint of how much the memory and hard disk space has increased over the past 25 years. These aren't necessary std configs or the years that these systems were introduced, it's just when I got the them (either needed an upgrade or could afford it).

  • 1981 - Sinclair ZX81 (came in a kit), had 1Kb of memory and used tape (cassette) as the storage media
  • 1985 - Commadore 64, 64Kb of memory and 5-1/4" floppies for storage (eventually a 3-1/2" diskette as well as a 512Kb memory expander), with GEOS and a mouse it was a very capable machine.
  • 1990 - Mac LC-2/40 (that's 2Mb memory std, expandable to 10Mb) and a 40Mb HD
  • 1995 - Mac 6116CD, mine had 40Mb of memory and a 160Mb HD plus a CDROM drive
  • 1997 - Mac 6500 "Tower", 64Mb, 4Gb HD and a CDROM, plus 2 PCI slots (I added a USB card and ATI graphics card)
  • 2001 - iMac (Graphite), 256Mb, 40Gb HD and a CDRW drive
  • 2004 - Mac Mini, 512Mb, 40Gb HD and a DVD-ROM/CDRW and I added a external 160Gb HD connected via Firewire, for backups and extra storage.
There's been a definate absense of Windows based PCs in this timeline, it's only recently that a PC (E-Machine) has found its way in to the house as a system for my wifes genealogy project.

As for computers at work, I didn't even have a PC or workstation until the late 80's.

Computers @ work;

GE Medical Systems (now GE Healthcare)
1987 - SUN Microsystems 3/50 (68xxx based)
1989 - SUN Microsystems SPARCstation 1+ (Sun4c)
1993 - SUN Microsystems SPARCstation 10 (Sun4m)

Then working for SUN Microsystems
1994 - SUN SPARCstation 20 (Sun4m)
2001 - SUN Ultra 10 (Sun4u)
2004 - The switch to Flex - office and SunRays

SunFire T2000 Update: It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and if it shows up, I'll take plenty of pictures.

Tuesdays Ride: It was great, we only went about 20 miles, but it was nice to be riding again after almost a week and a half of travels and/or bad weather.

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