My Winter Biking Gear

I don't do a lot of outside winter riding, but I do enough that I need a collection of clothing to be comfortable if I venture out into the cold. It's a pretty varied collection of gear but these help keep me warm in temperatures from 20-30 degrees.

Gloves - SWIX Split Finger gloves - having two pairs of fingers together is a big benefit to keeping your hands warmer and allow a couple of fingers on the brakes and a couple on the handle bars.

Tights - CW-X Insulator Expert Tights - these are actually running tights, so I just wear a pair of bike shorts underneath.

Hooded jersey - Nike Hooded Dri Fit - I use this as a base layer, the hood is great and can be worn under the helmet). Mines a year or so old, the closest thing to it in the Nike line now is the "Sphere Hooded Thermal Jersey"

Shoes - Shimano SPD SM-M121G - these are a MTB shoe with SPD cleats, but those are the ones I'm used to using.

Socks - Cabelas Thermolite/Merino Wool Socks - the length of these is nice for keeping the ankles warm.

Shoe covers - Louis Garneau Wind Tex Covers - I wear these over the bike shoes and for added warmth I'll put a toe warmer on each sock.

Jacket - Louis Garneau Gloucester bike jacket - this one has a mesh inner lining, zippered pockets (2 - side and 1 - back) and zippers under the armpits. This works well by itself over the hooded jersey, or with an additional layer between the jersey and the jacket.

Helmet cover - Performance bike Performance illumiNITE Stretch Helmet Cover - blocks wind and rain and it's reflective for safety.

Safe riding and Happy New Year

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