Defective iTunes Video Gift Card?

It's Christmas morning and among the other gifts were two iTunes gift cards (a "Music" and a "Video" version). The iTunes Music card (standard Green version) was fine, a coin removed the "coating" exposing the activation code. But the iTunes Video card had a problem. As soon as I started scratching the "coating", it looked like there was no code beneath it. In the picture below, the left portion of the activation area is where I started scratching with the same pressure (and coin) that I used on the iTunes Music card.

I stopped at that point and started at the other end with the corner of the Music card (plastic) but the activation code (or 80% of it) was still being removed with the cover material. I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but all three of the iTune "Video" cards, received by members of my family, had the same problem.

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Doug Curtis said...

If this happens to you, go to the following website. I sent Apple the requested info and I have my redemption code already.