Reactive Depression

"Reactive depression - also called an adjustment disorder with depressed mood. As the name implies, a reactive depression, is one that occurs in response to some specific and identifiable psychosocial stressor." I'd say being RIFed qualifies as a "identifiable psychosocial stressor", wouldn't you? I was lucky, I have a supportive family, friends and I got help when I saw the symptoms. My new employer was very understanding of the problem as well, and now after a little over a year, I'm back to a point where treatment is being tapered off. The only thing that SUN could have done better was to warn people that this might happen and to seek treatment early, especially if you never experienced anything like it before. I certainly hope that others had as successful a transition as I have had.

I debated on whether to post about this topic, it's not intended as a slam against SUN, and there's the perceived "stigma" of depression and/or mental illness, but it felt like the right thing to do from the standpoint of moving on with my life and to let others know that it can happen to anyone.

Weekend Rides: The club still has a few weekend rides scheduled for the month of October. This weekend isn't looking great; cold and windy, but only partly cloudy, or would that be partly sunny. The rides are getting fewer and farther between, here's my ride log since mid September.

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