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It's interesting to see what Adsense picks up on in blog posting when deciding what ad(s) to place. For instance my recent Sci-Fi Friday mentions an exhibit hall, so naturally an ad about exihibit hall displays is posted. Not exactly my target audience, but then it got me thinking, who is my target audience? Some of what I post is biking related, but I don't make it the only topic. I document some of what I do; either at work, hobbies and observations. I like to show my creative side, that's why I like the Instructables site, which by the way is where I need to update or create a new posting for my Steadicam (bike mounted). It's gone through some changes since that first version that I documented, I've added a tripod head at the end of the arm so that I can swivel the miniDV 360 degrees and tilt it +/- ~90 degrees. I'll probably get a picture of it up here before I get the update on Instructables. So, it will be interesting to see what Adsense does with this posting.

Safe riding all -
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