Picco Z Helicopter

I've been seeing the videos on the web, and being the gadget nut that I am, of course I had to have one of these. Most of the Radio Shack stores are sold out, but I found one that said they could order it (this was last Monday) and I'd have it by the end of the week, plus the shipping would be free direct to my home. That's alot better than the eBay deals I've seen, people are paying between $39-$49 and then $15 dollars shipping on top of that. Anyway it arrived on Friday, so I've had the weekend to play with it a bit. So far I haven't quite got the hang of it, it's been crashing a lot and our dachshund hates it :)


Kristofer said...

Hey I noticed your cool post about the Picco Z and I just wanted to let you know that HobbyTron.com, one of the Web’s leading suppliers of remote control toys, just kicked off a viral video contest featuring the Picco Z. For official rules, etc visit www.hobbytron.com/piccozcontest. The prizes include a $1,000 gift certificate to HobbyTron.com, two second place $500 gift certificates and 10 honorable mention $50 gift certificates.

Lisa said...

I also flied the picoo z,nice products,but I really love the update ones:mini dragonfly,hehe,look at it:

The differences between mini dragonfly and Picoo z
The mini dragonfly’s main propellers can be under disassembly
Mini dragonfly:32 levels
Picoo z:14 levels
Left and right control:
Mini dragonfly:14 levels
Picoo z:6 levels
Accurately control:
Mini dragonfly:32 levels
Picoo z:7 levels


zila said...

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