More Picoo / Picco Z info

I've had a little more time to play with this micro helicopter that I mentioned in my previous posting and it's way cool. One problem, after a few crashes the rear tail rotor was getting lint and hairs wound up in it. This was easy to fix by gently pulling the plastic rotor blade off of the motor shaft (that's correct, there's a separate, very small electric motor on the tail) and clearing the stuff that was fouling the prop. This allowed the trim to work, as the rotor was being slowed down by the hairs. So that was part of what was causing the constant clockwise rotation in flight.

There's also a website devoted to the Picoo Z (that's the spelling on the box). There's two mods I may do right off the bat; 1) the bearing and carbon fiber shaft replacement and 2) the Airwolf body change out (that one is totally custom at this point, so I'll wait till someone sells a kit).

Tuesday Ride: I missed it this week, we're just starting to early and the days are getting to short. Looks like it will be weekend rides for me, for awhile.

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