More regarding Ghostbikes

A few days ago I blogged about the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and the Ghostbike program, but having something like this happen so close to home really made me think.

The death of Jessica Bullen really makes me angry, but as a cyclist, the outcome of the recent trial made me even more angry. I don't know anything about Mr. Sorum other than what I've read in the article (especially his previous record, which of course could not be brought up during his trial). It just seems to me that anyone who would drives at an est. 40-50 mph on a country road and then take his eyes off the road for 4-12 seconds to do a throat self exam in his rear view mirror is VERY NEGLIGENT. Jessica died because he had a tickle in his throat! And Mr. Sorum penalty? He has to pay court costs and he loses his drivers license for 1 year. I hope he has to ride a bicycle to get around during that year.

Regarding the GhostBike program, if there's a Ghostbike out there for Jessica, I hope Mr. Sorum has to pass by it everyday.

Ok, I'm done, I've gotten that off my chest, one of my next posting will be the start of a piece of Sci*Fi that I'm working on.

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