Last Weekends Ride

I've been busy this week, which doesn't leave alot of time for blogging, so I'm playing catch up.

On Saturday Sept. 9th about a dozen or so of the club members headed out to preview our slightly new route for our PTK Ride coming up this weekend. For one things the start location is different, this year the ride starts from North High School, not Meadowbrook Elementary School. This changes the elevation profile of the first 5-10 miles of the ride, but not too drastically. Overall there's ~2700 feet of climbing in the ~100 mile route. We had a few people take each of the three routes and we did find a few typos on the cue sheets, but all the road markings where correct, and the cue sheets for the riders on Sunday had been corrected. The only bad part of the preview ride was the weather, it was cloudly and windy. So far the forecast looks good for this coming weekend and we hope to have between 300 and 350 people turn out. At last count ~100 people had pre-registered.

It's still cloudy and cool today, but I think we'll be able to do one of our last few Thursday Show'N Go rides this afternoon/evening.

Good biking all

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