Touring Wisconsin for my job

Two days off usually amounts to three days worth of catching up on the day that you get back, and this time it was no different. I stopped in at the office early to make some printouts of my presentations, I had two customer visits planned for today. What was my first clue as to how the rest of the day was going to go? The printer was REALLY low on Black toner (2% left) and I couldn't find a replacement. So, I pressed on and completed what I needed to do, but it left the printer completely out of toner. So, I grabbed my printouts and hit the road, I have a ~140 mile drive ahead of me to get to the first customer meeting. On the way to the meeting I get a call, my participation isn't going to be needed, but I can drop of the printouts and if the topic comes up the sales rep. will cover it. Ok, no big deal, it gave me a chance to find a WiFi HotSpot, check email and grab a bite to eat, which wasn't going to happen in the original plan. So, not all bad, but it rained for most of the drive. The second customer meeting went off without a hitch, just the usual tweaks and changes to the final configs that need to be quoted and oh by the way can we get those back to them by tomorrow morning? Oh sure, not a problem. It actually wasn't, I found a nearby WiFi HotSpot and got the wheels rolling on the changes before heading for home. So about 290 miles later, I've checked the config's and hopefully we'll have the quotes back sometime tomorrow morning.

Thursday Ride: cancelled due to rain and Severe T-Storm warnings.

SunFire T2000 countdown: 147 days, still no T2000, but my SUN contact says that it was supposed to have shipped two weeks ago. He's trying to get the tracking number to see what happened.

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