Back to school trip

Summer vacation is over for my daughter, it's back to school for her. We have a 5 hour drive ahead of us this morning (from Waukesha, WI to the Twin Cities, MN). She's a student at UMN and we're moving her into an apartment over the next couple of days.

SunFire T2000 countdown: 144 days (still no T2000)

Tuesday Ride: Clunker Junker for charity and Cookout. I'll miss this event, we'll be traveling, as I mentioned above.

I'm working on a recommendation for a HW system upgrade on an SAP system, to give a customer some headroom over the next couple of years, for various software changes and growth over that period of time.

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Laura said...

This is great. I've never visited a blog. I'd like to look into one for Mindeye Mosaics.