T2000 finally arrives...

Yes the long awaited news...WooHoo!! The SunFire T2000, which I won as part of a SUN Partner Webinar promo back at the end of March '06, has finally arrived. The configuration isn't bad either, (I couldn't find out what it was going to be till it arrived) a UltraSPARC T1 1.0Ghz 8-core CPU, with 16GB of memory and 2 - 73Gb SAS drives. Now if I can just keep it for a little while, before it has to go to a customer site, I'd like to play around with it a little bit.

Thursday Ride: Maybe not quite all the way to Dousman tonight, but if we do, it's a good 30-32 mile ride (so we'll have to step-up the pace a bit) on The Glaicial Drumlin Trail (one of the "Rails to Trails" - trails). The 15 mile section between Waukesha, WI and Dousman, WI is paved, so it's great for road bikes and roller blading.

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