How to remove an old/duplicate Amazon Wish List

Here's what I ended up doing to get rid of an old/duplicate wishlist, it took Amazon about a day to complete the deletion.

1. I initiated a chat session with Amazon support, they told me that they would need the following info (either submitted in to the website or emailed to them) to delete the old wishlist.

    • E-mail address used while creating Wish List.
    • Shipping address associated with Wish List.
    • First three items on the Wish List.
    • URL of the Wish List page, if possible.
2. I had determined the email address used to create the old/duplicate wish list, by using the alternate email address to search for the wish list on the Amazon Find a Wish List or Registry search page.

3. Since I couldn't login with that old email address, I went thru the Amazon Contact Us page again and instead of the Chat I picked Email and provided the requested info.

24 hours later the old wish list was gone.

This answer is buried in a support post on an Amazon Discussions page.

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