Is google glass a data gathering tool for training autonomous vehicles or AI?

I had this thought the other day, that perhaps, Google Glass is a way for Google to acquire human experience, from the "human-eye-view" on real world interactions. Which could then be used as referential data for the AI algorithms that power autonomous vehicles, robots or other services for human-machine interfaces or simulations.

This wouldn't be a unique concept for Google, they scan our gmail for purposes of providing relevant ads. They also have years of google voice mail data to help make their voice recognition systems better.

Their Privacy Policy allows for this type of usage for the development of new services and it would seem to me to be the perfect way to provide nature interaction data that might be hard or impossible to acquire in a lab.

If we are the "teachers" of these future AI algorithms, lets hope the people providing the data are doing so responsibly.

Just a random thought for the day.

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