A few days left till Pactimo announces their Brand Ambassadors

Just a few days left until Pactimo announces the winners in the search for Brand Ambassadors and I'm hoping that I stand a good chance of getting one of the spots. Here's their requirements and my qualifications:

  • Active with a local club and group rides
  • Love sharing cycling experiences with other people.
    • I Manage the Spinners Website and Facebook page as well as my own blogs for cycling and yoga where I share info and experiences.
  • Active and knowledgeable on social media.
    • I have various Facebook, Google+, twitter and blog sites that I manage with posting and photographs about cycling.
  • Passionate about the Pactimo brand.
    • Some of my best gear (Dairyland Dare jersey in the photo below) is the Pactimo brand.
 Pactimo Dairyland Dare jersey
  • Knowledgeable and informed about cycling culture.
    • I've been riding and participating in cycling for most of my life and carry that passion into the organized events that I've attended and plan to attend this year.
  • Willing to spread the word about Pactimo, our products and who we are.
    • There will be plenty of opportunity for that here in this blog, my twitter acct, among club members and attendees of events that I'm participating in this year.

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