Cracked Carbon Fiber Frame covered under Warranty

My 2006 Specialized Tarmac had been a great bike for me, serving faithfully for several thousand mile over the course of ~6 years worth of rides.

 2006 Tarmac Comp (at the shop where I bought it)

But during a recent tune-up the tech discovered that the frame had a crack in the lower left chainstay right behind the bottom bracket.  This was especially disheartening as I was about to head out of state on vacation, which included a Century ride (Capital City Century) in Springfield, IL.  I ended up leaving my bike with the shop to pursue the warranty claim with Specialized, while I used a loaner (from a friend in bike club - Spring City Spinners) to complete my Century Ride plans.

While I was on vacation, word came back from the dealer the the cracked frame would be covered under warranty -- THANK YOU SPECIALIZED.

So the Sunday after our return from vacation, I picked up the new bike (my components) on a Specialized Black/Red/White 2013 Tarmac SL4 Pro frame.

2013 Tarmac Pro (on my deck)

I've gotten in a couple of good rides, and so far I can't tell much difference. The main differences that I see comparing the two frames: no Zertz inserts in the 2013 Tarmac frame, wider top and down tubes and beefier chainstays (where the old frame had cracked).

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