A walk at Old World Wisconsin

It's been a while since we last visited Old World Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure one of the kids was still in a stroller the last time. So this trip was a lot easier, and the trams helped with getting us from one cluster of buildings to the next. We got there around noon and headed over to Caldwell Hall.

Caldwell Hall
Education Center

The education Center also had a baby animal exhibit

Our next stop was the Crossroads village, where we went through most of the homes and shops, including a demonstration at the village backsmith.
Blacksmith Shop
part of the Crossroads Village

From here we took the tram over to the Finnish area. This barn has some interesting construction with dove-tail joints (usually only seen in cabinet making) on the corners of the buildings.

Finnish Area Barn

The Rankinen farm was a little hike off the mail road, in the same Finnish area.

View of the Rankinen Farm House,
from the access road

It was a great way to spend a warm and lazy Sunday afternoon, in the midst of these 1800's era farms and buildings. We topped it off with somethings to eat and drink in the Clausing Barn Restaurant.

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