Vibram FiveFingers - a first run

I decided to try this footwear as physical therapy. My left arch is high but weak, resulting in a flat foot. I also have scoliosis that seems to be causing some sciatic pain in my left leg.

Here's a few tips, if you plan to buy a pair of the vibram FiveFingers;

  • Go to a well stocked store so you can try some different models/styles and sizes. My ideal size was a 44, which was close to my cycling road shoe size (45). If they don't have the style you want, then at least you'll know your size for an online order.
  • I was told that your toes should just touch the front of the toe-pockets. You don't want them so loose that your toes pop out while running or too tight either.
  • I got the KSO's, but looking back, the Sprint or Flow might be a better choice for first-timers. Why? The KSO has a single top strap that loops through the back, but it's stitched at the back of the heal, making it a little harder to place on the foot. Where as the Sprint and Flow have separate top and heal straps, so they should be a little easier to get on.
I kept my first run short, I did about 1-1/2 miles on a treadmill, so that I could control the pace. My stride is still pretty much heal-toe, but I could feel times when I was making a more balance footfall. I didn't notice any unusual pain after the run, but I could tell that I was using calve and ankle muscles that I hadn't used in a while. I'm planning to take it slow at first, so I'll do my running every other day.


Justin said...

In all my VFF experience, I recommend going KSO (or Classic) over Sprint -- and definitely Flow. You might be surprised to learn that the extra strapping on the Sprint (and/or the design of the Sprint) makes them the *hardest* to fit right across the entire VFF line-up. Flows are also complicated b/c the neoprene makes for a much tighter fit and can affect people with high insteps. I've written at some length on this for a Five Fingers sizing guide (wiki style) I created.

Also, I created a guide for Five Fingers newbies -- not so useful to you now, but you might find it helpful for others. Also shows off a lot of user stories on what you can do in VFFs.

Justin @ birthdayshoes.com

Doug Curtis said...

Thanks for the info and the link to your guides on the topic. I've been getting a lot of questions about the VFF's, so I'll be sure to point people your way as well.