Preview of PTK

Even though there was an Air Quality Alert, the conditions weren't that bad yesterday (Sat.) morning. There were four of us starting out from North High School to preview the the routes of the Spring City Spinners bicycle tour: Pedal The Kettle. Jackie did the 33 mile route, I did the 66 mile route and Doug and George did the 100 mile route.

The roads we use are fairly low traffic and over the summer, several segments of our route have been repaved.

All the reservations for parks/shelters have been taken care of, so the preview rides are mostly to make sure there are no obstacles (like major construction) that would require changes to the route(s). The only one we found was the intersection at Valley Rd (Cty B) and Hwy 67, just outside of Oconomowoc. But we're hoping that that will be done in time (Sept. 20th) for PTK.

Rest Stop List:

  • Cushing Park - 1st RS on the 66/100 mile routes
  • Rome Pond Park - 2nd RS on the 66/100 mile routes
  • Whitewater - 3rd RS for the 100 mile route
  • Palmyra - 4th RS for the 100 mile route
  • Ottawa Park - Only Rest for 33 mile route, last RS for 66/100 mile route
While taking advantage of the Cushing Park Rest Stop, I snapped this picture, bee'ing careful not to agitated the bee.

Safe Riding all

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