Punishing pixels or enhancing them?

While going through the collection of slides that I had scanned a few years ago I ran across one of myself that I've always treasured. So now the hard part, do I post it as is or do I "enhance" it with the tools that are now available.

Here's the original (or at least as original as it gets from the scanning process). The originals are 35MM Kodachrome slides taken with an Argus C3 "Brick".


Updated/enhanced version; rotated, blurred background, cropped and played with the exposure and saturation.

Enhanced (to much?)

Changing the topic to cycling, I finally got in, after 3 tries, to the Horribly Hilly Hundreds, so I'm working on getting training mile in for the next 7 weeks. This weekend it was a combination of hills and flats (with yoga in between). Plus a pretty good head wind coming out of the west, which meant (for a change) that I had a tail wind on the way home (that's rare).

Today's a recovery day. plus I'm getting some odd jobs done around the house, like a replacement ramp for our dachshund. It's a little over kill, with treated lumber 2 x 4's and rubber "tiled" surface, but that baby is going to last forever.

Safe riding all.

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