Random 25 things...the other 20

06- I have a Raspberry patch in my backyard, it’s great to grab a handful of fresh berries on a summer morning for a bowl of cereal.

07- I've changed jobs twice in the last 3 years, it wasn't fun at the time, but I enjoy the job I'm doing now.

08- Ref. #2, I'm the webmaster for the Spring City Spinners Bicycle Club in Waukesha, WI -- http://www.springcityspinners.org and I just completed a total redesign of the site.

09- I met my wife Sue on a blind date, and we’ve been together ever since.

10- I have two children that I love very much, even though they seem to hate each other.

11- Ref. #2 again, I rode in 2 Century rides this past summer and 3 the previous year, I'm shooting for 4 this year.

12- We own a miniature Dachshund (he's been pictured here a few times), his name is Duncan and he may qualify as a third child.

13- I have a piece of brass shrapnel in my body (let the guessing begin as to the location).

14- I haven't had an appendix since 1969, but I've had the scar ever since.

15- Most people never notice (or don't believe) that I have scoliosis.

16- My wife and I have now lived in WI longer than we lived in IL, but we still refer to a trip to our parents and "going down home".

17- Photography is one of my latest endeavors, I got a nice DSLR last year add I'm still learning how to use it.

18- One of my favorite Sci-Fi movies is Forbidden Planet, it's very Star Trek like, but was made 10 years prior to that series.

19- I had several articles published in the now defunct “COMPUTE! Gazette” magazine.

20- I'm blessed (or maybe it's cursed) with an acute sense of smell.

21- My first personal computer was a Sinclair ZX-81 that I built from a kit.

22- My blog has suffered recently because I spend that time twittering.

23- My first job out of school was with GE Medical Systems where I spent 12 years, 15 years later, I'm back there again.

24- My ideal job would be to be part of a think tank, inventing, designing and innovating.

25- I'm really glad that's over, I couldn’t think of another thing.

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