A View from the Exercise Ball

While doing some stretches, it occurred to me that the view of the ceiling in the next room had a kind of stark appearance. So I grabbed the camera and took a picture from the same vantage point.

The winter here in Wisconsin has been especially bad for outdoor biking, so all of my miles, so far this year, have been indoors. Also, my blogging has been mostly quick posts to twitter, either directly or via Dailymile.com, while logging my training. This week I move into intervals of longer duration and change ups on the weekend with a long ride (2-3 hours).

My next project is going to be to build another camera mount for a bicycle (like the steadicam arm) and I plan to give it away. Details coming in future posts.

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Robert D. Wray said...

I want to film a bunch of under used bike trails in Baltimore. The plan is to use my office's video equipment to overlay a moving garmin GPS map. The goal is to make a compressed 2 minute video tour of the 30 mile park which would hopefully increase usage. Would you be willing to sell our rent the arm you created? My work shop got sold with my house, otherwise I would build my own. :)