Blogs in the bike lane

There seem to be multiple "In the Bike Lane" blogs out there lately. I started posting to this blog a little over 2 years ago (Aug. 2006), but what's interesting is the name seems to be very popular lately.

Trek likes it with their Life In the Bike Lane blog.

Bicycling Magazine also likes it with their recent In the Bike Lane blog.

Blogging for me is a type of journaling, to get thoughts from the brain into "print". One of my early posts expressed it this way;

"Sometimes life is like being in the Bike Lane; watch over you're shoulder, keep pedaling, heads up, stay in your own lane, pedal harder up the hills and coast down them, drink plenty of fluids and take a rest day once in a while."

Currently I'm working on a re-design of the Spring City Spinners website, as the current one is getting a little long in the tooth.

Safe riding all (no matter which bike lane you're in)

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