Riding Glasses - The saga continues

I've been pretty happy with the riding glasses that I got just over a year ago, the brand name is Julbo. In some previous posts I mentioned that I did have a problem getting the prescription insert (a mix up at the lab). Recently I've had a couple of things happen with the glasses themselves. 1) the rubber "friction" inserts at the ear end of the ear pieces have come out and were lost and 2) the screw in the hinge of the left ear piece keeps working it's way out.

The great thing about the Jublo line is the lifetime guarantee. I contacted Julbo and they said to send the glasses back and that they would take care of it ASAP. I sent the glasses out a little over a week ago, so I'm looking forward to getting them back sometime soon.

Tomorrow I'm leading a "chat ride" from Waukesha to Old World Wisconsin, near Eagle, WI. It's a scenic 45 mile ride with a rest stop at Old World Wisconsin.

Safe riding all

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