New Handlebars

I'm thinking of getting an upgrade for my (Specialized Tarmac) road bike. I'd like to change out the existing handlebars for a carbon fiber bar. I'm torn between two choices, here are the two I'm currently considering;

First the Oval Concepts A910, this one looks very cool and the flattened surface on either side of the stem clamp area, is supposed to not only make the bars more aerodynamic, but provide a larger surface area for your hands, when you're not in the drops or hoods. One downside, you void the warranty unless you use their stem with the bar, which adds to the cost (~$309.00 list).

Features for this model;

  • Most Aerodynamic & Ergonomic Bar available
  • Incredibly comfortable - on the tops, drops and levers
  • One-piece construction ensures durability, stiffness and compliance
  • Integrated Kevlar layer acts like an airbag in case of catastrophic failure
  • Internal Cable Routing (ICR)
  • Bars can now be fit with clip-ons
  • Shallow 130mm drop with pistol grips
  • Available in 26.0 or 31.8 bar clamp
  • 400, 420, or 440mm width
  • 75mm reach
  • 240 grams/26.0mm, 250 grams/31.8mm clamp

The other one is the Zipp Contour Handlebars, which don't have quite as radical a shape, but provide similar advantages. I don't find and requirements on Zipps site about using a Zipp stem, so the Zipp Contour will come in for less than the A910, at about $200.00 list.

Features for this model;
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Aerodynamics, light weight, strength
  • Real world fit and function
  • Airfoil top section (with dual cable grooves)
  • No round cross-sections anywhere on the bar
  • 26.0mm diameter, in 42cm, 44cm, 46cm widths (outside to outside) or
  • 31.8 mm diameter, in 42cm, 44cm, 46cm widths (outside to outside)
  • Weights vary from 220gm to 230gm
  • Drop = 149mm Reach = 85mm

Ok, so which would you pick? I found a couple of reviews for the Zipp bar, but none (so far) for the A910, but I'm still leaning towards the A910.

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