4th Century this year

This past weekend was the chance for members of the Spring City Spinners to preview the ride (Pedal The Kettle) that we'll be supporting this coming weekend.

On Saturday I got up early and started to have my usually pre-century ride breakfast (oatmeal, eggs, toast and Orange juice), but we were out of eggs. I also got the start time wrong, so I was a half an hour late. I got started on the 100 mile route at about 7:30AM. About an hour into the ride I did take a slight short cut (~4 miles) and caught up to the rest of the group in Sullivan, WI at a rest stop.

We had a great ride, the weather was fantastic with the temp.'s in the 70s to 80s during the course of the day. The only problem were the mosquito's at the Whitewater rest stop. The cooler temp's this week should take care of most of them before the ride on Sunday. Speaking of the Whitewater rest stop, normally during the preview ride, we stop at a gas station or a park near the place in the route that will have the official rest stops. During this preview ride one of our members "Bunny", was nice enough to provide fruit, cookies and PB&J sandwiches at the Whitewater rest stop.

So I got my 2nd 100 mile ride in for the summer (2 - 100 mile centuries and 2 - metric centuries).

Like I said, if you happen to participate in the PTK, stop by and say hi, one change, I'll be working the Rome, WI rest stop, it the 2nd rest stop on the 65/100 mile route.

Safe riding all.

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