Sun Alumni/Community site migrating to Planets

I sent an email off the other day regarding a problem that I was seeing on Community.Sun.Com (CSC) and I got the following in an email response.

The aggregator that runs community.sun.com is being replaced by planets.sun.com. The community.sun.com (CSC) team will then redirect CSC to http://planet.sun.com/alumni/group/blogs/.
But in the meantime, could you please point directly to the planet.sun.com (PSC) URL?

Since, the PSC application meets the need, we won't be debugging the CSC application.

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Sun Blogs Support
So my next question was, will this mean that the Community site will look more like the BSC site, which just had some updates like "Most Recent Tags" and "New Bloggers", but alas the PSC site doesn't have those feature. But there may be some hope, I got this as a reply to the "new look" question.

There is a redesign in progress for the sun.com community venues, so community.sun.com will have a new look -- I'm hoping the roll out will happen by the next quarter.

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