Duncan is walking

Duncan is walking but he's still a little wobbly, so we're continuing the meds for a few more days (per the vets instructions) and keeping him on kennel rest, which he really hates now that he's more mobile.

Dachshunds are an interesting breed, in that although they are primarily a scent hound, they can and do participate in a sight hound sport called lure coursing, which we saw demonstration on Monday and the Wisconsin State Fair. Basically the lure is a plastic bag attached to a string, which is fed along a course of pulleys and driven by a 12-volt starter motor. We saw one experienced dachshund that was actually able to anticipate the path, cutting off the corner and catching the lure. The herding dogs were the best at this, but the course inside the coliseum was smaller than a standard outdoor course, so their speed was limited, but it was still very entertaining. Several dogs broke away from the sidelines, unplanned, to join in the fun.

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